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Prozac and Sarin nerve gas are made from fluoride! - Expert on history of fluoride use in US water supply shows how the SAME fluoride is used to kill insects
Federal Government Journal in US finally publishes study of detrimental effects of fluoride in municipal water supply lowering IQ of humans!
Osteo-sarcoma (bone cancer) in young boys tied to fluoride in drinking water! - Study reveals what we've known all along - DO NOT drink fluoridated (tap) water
Forty five human studies prove fluoride causes brain deficits, but New Zealand scientific hoax zealots still posting flawed studies to inflict more damage on humanity
27 new studies found implicate fluoride, just like lead and mercury, to be the cause of "chemical brain drain" and a combined health detriment on a population scale!
15,000 tons of treated water re-contaminated at Fukushima nuclear site disaster - USA has more to worry about than just fluoridated tap water - where is CNN now?
60,000 chemicals used in U.S. but only 90 are regulated for tap water contamination - fluoride, arsenic, lead, and mercury are all health detriments being downplayed in mass media
Fluoride FAILS to help kids teeth, in fact, makes them rot more often, in Australia, Singapore and Toronto - Abscesses and root canals more common!
Fluoridated water known to cause neurotoxicity in adults, still Harvard experts just "can't decide" if infants are affected - the moral and intellectual collapse of a society
Fluoride linked to erosion of children's IQ all over the world - America among the worst being force-medicated daily
Harvard Professor groups fluoride toxicity from tap water in with mercury toxicity and arsenic toxicity, and deadly to children, but your dentist will still praise it for teeth!
Communities around the world have banned fluoride in their tap water: They don't want to be dumbed down and dying of cancer! - Compilation List 1990 - 2014
Residents in New Zealand stockpile bottled water to avoid toxic fluoride
Tap water kills humans daily! - Best known peer-reviewed medical journal classifies fluoride as a neurotoxin
Inorganic fluoride in your tap water - why Brita and Pur don't get it out. Are you drinking cancer water now?
Bones of test animals affected in fluoride study! Read the fine print: "... inhibition of bone formation and hardening, delayed fracture healing and reductions in bone volume ..."
Disturbing study revealed by Department of Health of New Jersey shows water fluoridation leads to more hip fractures! What's coming out of your tap?
Millions of children worldwide subjected to tap water toxins: Fluoride, lead, methyl mercury and tetrachloroethylene linked to neurobehavioral affects
Albuquerque utility votes against adding more fluoride to water system
Buffalo, Missouri ending use of fluoride in water
Missouri town votes to end use of fluoride in water system
Dallas considering flushing fluoride out of water supply
Americans consume 9 billion gallons of bottled water every year, so how much of it has toxic BPA, fluoride, chlorine, and toxic heavy metals like lead and arsenic?
Fact: Water fluoridation causes cancer in lab animals and U.S. masses - that's why 97% of the Western European population does NOT fluoridate water
Inorganic fluorine causes cancer - lead, asbestos, lithium, arsenic and chlorine top the list for contaminants in common drinking water - Duke study says
Fluoride contamination alert! Thousands of cities in America are drinking heavy metal toxins and phosphate fertilizer compounds
Why is fluoride listed as a contaminant in city water reports? How much insecticide and herbicide (RoundUp) are you consuming daily by drinking from tap?
Inorganic fluorine (sodium fluoride) is a waste product of aluminum and a rat poison - that's your drinking water if you use your home tap!
Food is not "natural" after it's fed fluoridated water, chlorinated water and RoundUp herbicide - the end of a false label is near!
Fluoride, The Atomic Bomb, And A Spy
Fluoride in drinking water lowers IQ - like the IQ of the writer of this article - Reuters even sites the Harvard Study - What's in YOUR toothpaste?
Over 250,000,000 Americans are addicted to FOOD DRUGS - aspartame, msg, fluoridated water, gluten and more - Organic Consumers posts research
Study: 2006 to 2014 - vast amounts of industrial chemicals and neurotoxicants like fluoride in drinking water supply contributing to mental retardation and lower IQ in Great Britain and US
Federal fluoridation of public drinking water - 39 of 46 new human studies reveal lowering of IQ and memory loss! - Harvard scientists call it a "warranted" and "high research priority"
Take action on infant formula! Demand NO MORE contamination with fluoride, GMO pesticides, and hormone-laden milk - is your baby a "Gerber" or "Similac" lab rat?
Why do governments allow cocaine and fluoride in tap water? Despite intensive water purification treatments, drugs are abundant in US and Great Britain's taps
Even if fluoride was good for teeth, which it is not, it rots your brain - new and old research cause much consternation
"Dental experts" label their own findings about fluoride as "schemes" - revealing their own hoax that fluoridated water helps your teeth and is "safe for all" - Euro Weekly publishes
Cognitive impairments revealed for millions of children worldwide - thanks to toxic chemicals in drinking water including fluoride, lead, methylmercury, and arsenic!
Contaminated Water: Exposure to benzene as petro-chemical in China coincides with toxic fluoride USA imports (from China) and dumps in the tap water here - a parallel of tragedies
Pollution plagues China despite cleanup efforts - Heavy metals toxins fluoride, lead, and aluminum corrode nearly all life for city of 11 million people
Scientists under attack for exposing GMO and fluoride health detriments to public - revealing 90% of biotech research fabricated by companies with vested interest
Call to remove fluoride from our food supply following Farm Bill legislation
Brain disorders in children linked to tap water (fluoride) supply - Autism key subject of new research; Lancet Neurology publication released 2014
Arsenic and 80 other "regulated contaminants" in your drinking water - a growing concern
Concentration of fluoride in mammals alarmingly high in laboratory experiments since 2006 - Fluorisis reported in livestock
Second Irish town becomes 'fluoride-free'
'Task force' recommends poisoning babies with fluoride as soon as possible
'Why does the U.S. still put fluoride in water?'
Michigan city council ends use of fluoride in water supply
What do Gatorade, fluoride, BVO and butane have in common? A 15 year old volleyball player who petitioned her way to making Gatorade remove a controversial chemical
Cancer-causing arsenic another trap set and snapping on humans who drink fluoridated tap water - how many industrial-grade fluoride chemicals are in your blood now?
Sports drinks are loaded with GMO sugar, fluoridated water and a chemical called butane - do you really think Sports Stars are drinking what they get paid millions to advertise?
Buffalo and Missouri end the constant dampening of intelligence by removing fluoride from their formula for municipal taps! (May, 2014)
Brominated vegetable oil, flame retardants and fluoridated water - what is your favorite soda or sports drink consisting of these days?
How will authorities "clean" West Virginia water that's been contaminated and making people sick, with fluoride and chlorine? - Coal-washing chemical spill public health nightmare continues
US Congressman says we are living in the film "Idiocracy" - Fluoride in our water is rotting our brains and ruining our bone mass - find out how dumb we really all are!
The absence of toxic pesticides, fluoride and insecticide - what a beautiful food offering!

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